CompTIA Linux+ with Command Line


Linux is an open-source, UNIX-like operating system created by Linus Torvalds that runs a plethora of different devices today. When you do your online banking or use Google, Facebook or Twitter, you’re talking to Linux servers in the cloud. In fact, nearly all supercomputers and cloud servers run Linux, as does your Android smartphone and many other devices around your home and workplace, such as firewalls and routers. Even your touch-screen refrigerator, home media center, smart thermostat and in-car GPS run Linux.

This program introduces students to the competencies required of an early career IT professional supporting Linux systems. The content provides thorough coverage of command-line skills that work on multiple distributions and prepares anyone who wants to acquire in-depth knowledge of common Linux tasks. In addition to topics traditionally associated with systems administration tasks, such as configuring, managing, operating and troubleshooting in a Linux environment, this program also focuses on security, kernel modules, storage and virtualization, enterprise-level device management, DevOps basics, through Git and automation. The program further walks through networking and firewalls, especially involving security issues, server-side and command line, troubleshooting and SELinux with a focus on implementation.

The CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1 program covers all objectives on the CompTIA Linux+ and Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 exams. The CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1 course offers everything needed to study for and pass the exams. Learners have the opportunity to explore every topic included in the exam objectives. This course also serves as an introduction for people interested in learning basic Linux administration skills. The content provides thorough coverage of command-line skills that work on multiple distributions and prepares anyone who wants to acquire in-depth knowledge of common Linux tasks.


Program Objectives

After completing this program, learners will be able to:

  • Perform and understand essential skills for system administrators
  • Understand and execute administrative tasks in systems
  • Perform advanced management tasks
  • Prepare for CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103 and LPIC-1 (Exam 101)
  • Provide a base environment
  • Execute common administrative tasks
  • Understand and perform networking and related services
  • Perform advanced management tasks for system administrators
  • Prepare for CompTIA Linux+ LX0-104 and LPIC-1 (Exam 102)


After completing this program, learners will have the opportunity to take the leading national/industry-recognized certification exam(s) essential to entry-level employment in this fast-growing field.

  • CompTIA Linux+

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